Thursday, September 15, 2011

Your Six "Power Archetypes" - What Happens When One Doesn't Function?

Six Core "Power Archetypes" - The Key to Personal Power

Imagine that you're John Wayne, with the thundering power of six galloping horses under your control, as he had in the movie Stagecoach.

Such stirring, viscerally exciting stagecoach "powerhouses" still exist; and are still drawn by six powerful horses. There are still people who are excited by real stagecoaches and the power of their six-horse "engines."

Now, imagine that you're in the driver's seat, thundering along at full speed. Your "six horses" are in fine form, as you cover dusty plains, heat-seared deserts, and mountainous terrain. You know each member of your team; each is integral.

And suddenly - one of your horses takes a stumble; he breaks a leg, and you no longer have that essential horse on your team. That crucial "balance of power" that enables you to move at top speed, easily covering the most difficult terrain, is broken. Now, lacking just one of your integral "powerhouses," you are much more vulnerable - to attacks by Indian war parties, to raiders and bandits, and even to rivals who will beat you to the next town with important news.

The value of archetypes?

You are the stagecoach. Everything that you are, that you value, that carries you through life, is your "stagecoach." It's your job, and the skills and abilities that enable you to perform on your job. It's your special interests, and the skills that you've built up over a lifetime that lets you cultivate your interests. It's your role in your community, your church, your family, and society at large.

Your archetypes are your horses. Each is different, and you need each one.


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